Terms of Use

Welcome to my personal web site "Vega".

To use my graphics for free, you must follow the following terms.
Please take some time and read them carefully.
Thank you for your attention.

1. Please download and save the images on your computer to use.

  (Do not link my server to put any images on your web site.)
2. Non-commercial use only (Reselling is prohibited.)
3. Do not use them on a pornographic adult site.
4. Do not ever distribute my free graphics.
5. All rights reserved by this web site "Vega".


How to Save Images

1. Bring your cursor on the image you want to download.
2. Windows >> Right click on the image to show pop up menu
  Mac >> Click, and hold on until pop up menu shows up
3. Choose "Save the image as"


If you have any further concerns, please feel free to contact web
master (NO HTML based mails, please!).
Please write to BBS to inform me of your visit.

Translated by "No More Illegal Uses!"